Data Analytics and Visualization

The Center will increase knowledge of and develop analytic tools for study of crime in UP and India. Enforcement agencies in India are vast reservoirs of criminal justice data and this Center will promote Big Data Analytics focusing upon Crime Patterns, Productivity, Performance Evaluation, Resource Allocation and Community outreach programs. The Center will also seek to be the repository of all data related to crime and its control mechanism in the country.


Technological Assistance to Police

Based at IITK this Center will naturally be the place for technological development and applications for UP police and criminal justice agencies of the country. It will develop new technologies for management, operational functions and forensics for UP police and initiate machine learning applications for Evidence-based and Predictive Policing. Another objective will be to develop Standard Operating Procedures for major police functions and support the SMART policing vision of the Prime Minister through empirical research into the frontiers of science and technological applications for improving the service delivery to citizens.


Policy Evaluation & Education

The Center will promote the educational and learning objectives of IITK by developing interdisciplinary studies in justice and policy research and education. The Center will research and develop methods for evaluation of specific CJS policies and modernization plans and be a prominent place for advanced training of criminal justice agencies.


Research on Cybercrimes

The Center will be the leader in conducting research on cyber security focusing upon child exploitation, criminal networks and on-line sexual predators. In particular, it will focus upon the etiology and sociology of cyber offenders and assist in professional development of police officers investigating cybercrimes. The Center will also develop forensic support for combating cybercrimes.