Data Analytics and Visualization

The Center will work thematically across the disciplines of criminology, computing science, mathematics, geography, economics, psychology, management, philosophy and ethics, with special emphasis upon gender, race and ethnic studies to make advances in the understanding and modeling of the complex social & political environment, and with these models better understand how to improve approaches to crime reduction and the use of informatics in criminological research. The important functions of the Center will include developing Big Data Analytics and Visualization, Computational Criminology as well as machine learning and AI applications.


Technological Assistance to Police & Criminal Justice Agencies

The Center will be the major place to advise police departments in planning and managing technology projects and blend expert knowledge in police with cutting edge technological applications. An important component will be the promotion of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design to enhance security in urban areas. An integral part of the technology assistance will be to design the processes for curation and anonymization of the basic data for research purposes.


Policy Evaluation & Education

An important function of the Center will be to improve the awareness and knowledge of scientific understanding of policing among the public, journalists, and policy makers. The Center will enhance public safety through criminological education and training in security matters. As an academic unit the Center will conduct and publish research on crime, police and public safety. It will partner other universities and institutes in UP and other parts of India for research activities. The Center will function to educate the public, journalists, and policy makers on the results of research on these issues through public lectures, seminars, media outlets, books and journal publications. A key function will be to educate private security agencies for their professional development. It will make proactive efforts to translate research evidence into practice through teaching, training and outreach programs and exchange programs and workshops, both for practitioners and researchers. Researchers at the Center will offer specialized courses to students of IITK too.

The Center will further seek to develop specialized domain knowledge and expertise in Ethics, Gender issues, Community Policing, Conflict Resolution & Management, Restorative Justice, Counter-terrorism, Forensics, Social Media, Human Trafficking, Disaster Management, Internal Security and Anti-Corruption functions.


Certificate, Training and Collaboration Programs

The Center will offer certificate programs for Indian police, private sector security professionals and criminal justice agents in data analytics and visualization, including distance learning through computer-based programs. Additionally, it will conduct workshops for police and security personnel on specific topics that enables them to use technology effectively for crime reduction, security enhancement and citizen assistance. Furthermore, it will also conduct workshops for eligible citizens to make them aware of police functioning and engage them in creating a safe environment for all citizens. The Center will affiliate with institutes engaged in Criminology education as well as Bureau of Police Research & Development, National Institute for Criminology and Forensic Sciences, National Crime Records Bureau, IIT Bombay and Indian Police Foundation.

  1. 1st Certificate Course (Completed)
  2. 2nd Certificate Course (Completed)
  3. 3rd Certificate Course (Completed)



The Center will be administered by a renowned academic with knowledge of internal security issues of the country. Supporting staff will include researchers, technical and office functionaries. The Center will comprise faculty and graduate students from other disciplines of IITK as well as police officers, criminal justice practitioners on deputation from State and Central governments. The Center will also be open to qualified citizens, private sector personnel for research functions.


Research Projects under preparation

Criminology of Cyber Crimes
Measuring police performance in crime control functions
Policing large crowds
Predictive Policing
UAV applications for police


Certificate Courses to be offered

Analyzing Terrorism Data
Big Data Analytics
Computational Criminology
Crime Prevention: Situational Techniques
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
Crime Visualization
Criminology of Cyber Crimes
Epidemiology of Crime
Network Analysis
Social Media Analysis
UAV Applications for police
Video Graphics Analysis